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20 something year old female making 2013 & 2014 a year to remember! Studying Sports & Exercise Sciences/Physiotherapy at University. SMILE. Dream BIG. Don't give up!

In my early teens up to the age of 20 I weighed between 140lbs and 150lbs I was and have always been relatively lean/fit. Changes in my schooling (graduating from High School & Moving to University) saw a change in my lifestyle. Without the regular physical exercises I was used to getting from my sporting curriculum in high school, my lifestyle changed to a more sedentary one, thus resulting in my weight gain. My aim is to work back to that weight by combining clean eating with regular exercise.


August 2011 SW: 190lbs
August 2013 PW: 169.3lbs
Dec 29th, 2013 PW: 165lbs
Feb 29th, 2014 CW: 161.8

GW: 150lbs OR 65-70kg


Healthy eating!

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EXERCISE FOR THE DAY: Insanity Workout

24. April 2014

Max Interval Plyometrics:

After two weeks away from Insanity’s MAX workouts, I felt today would be a good day to get back to some heavy workouts.

The past two weeks have consisted of lower impact exercises on my body (i.e. Month #1 of Insanity, yoga, running, walking) of which I planned to give my body some easy. My plan was to use the two weeks of easier exercises as a a way of pushing away from my plateau. 

Sadly, I’ve noticed my body has been changing. In the two weeks off, I have felt my hard earned toned muscles slowly dissipate.

Thankfully, I have come to the end of my two weeks off and am glad to say that today’s Max workout was thoroughly enjoyed.

Who knew that I would miss such a high intense exercise workout.

But with a weight loss goal such as mine, I am willing to commit myself through 45 minutes of grueling, heavy breathing, body aching workouts to becoming a leaner, fitter, healthier version of myself.

I have a feeling I will be in some pain tomorrow.

The challenge is on!


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