Fit is the new ME

20 something year old female making 2013 & 2014 a year to remember! Studying Sports & Exercise Sciences/Physiotherapy at University. SMILE. Dream BIG. Don't give up!

In my early teens up to the age of 20 I weighed between 140lbs and 150lbs I was and have always been relatively lean/fit. Changes in my schooling (graduating from High School & Moving to University) saw a change in my lifestyle. Without the regular physical exercises I was used to getting from my sporting curriculum in high school, my lifestyle changed to a more sedentary one, thus resulting in my weight gain. My aim is to work back to that weight by combining clean eating with regular exercise.


August 2011 SW: 190lbs
August 2013 PW: 169.3lbs
Dec 29th, 2013 PW: 165lbs
Feb 29th, 2014 CW: 161.8

GW: 150lbs OR 65-70kg


I posted not too long ago, but i had a photo shoot a few days ago and i figured i’d give a little better quality before / after.
I’m currently 20, i started when i was 18.
208 lbs to 156 lbs, 50+ lbs down.
im super social, i seriously never shut up so lets become mutuals and talk healthy to me ;)

8 months later & 31 pounds lighter! No diet pills, shakes or wraps for me, it was all done with healthy/ clean eating and running 3 days a week, lifting weight 2 days a week. I have fallen in love with working out & instead of binge eating to cope with stress & emotions, I workout! Next goal is to get toned! :)